Information in this wiki applies to Hellgate: Global, which was shut down in 2015. It might not be accurate for other versions of the game.
Some information might be relevant to the 2018 Steam release because it's based on Global.
For information more relevant to the original Hellgate: London release and Test Center content, check out the London 2038 wiki.

Transmogrifying Cube

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The Transmogrifying Cube is a relic derived from Diablo lore.
The Transmogrifying Cube is a crafting device that can also be utilized for simple storage.

The cube drops from Sydonai.


Special Recipes

See common recipes for complete listing.
Creates Requires
Revenant ico.jpg Revenant
Nautilus ico.jpg Nautilus
Heap raptor ico.jpg Heap Raptor
Berials feather.jpg Berial's Feather

see Mythic Recipe

Talisman.jpg Talisman

Mythic Recipe

The Mythic Recipe has the possibly of returning a Mythic item to the creator, along with the possibility of many other items. Most of these are unique weapons that can commonly be found throughout the game. A attribute, expertise or skill retrainer could also be created. There are some items that are only obtainable from this recipe - Lucky Skill Expander, Beamcarver, ....

Weapon Ratio
Z-83 Gatling Rail Cannon.png Z-83 Gatling Rail Cannon 1:9
H666 Hell-Fury.png H666 Hell-Fury 1:9
Bull's Eye.png Bull's Eye 1:9
Beamcarver.png Beamcarver 1:9
Plague-Grinder.png Plague-Grinder 1:9
Wyrmguard.png Wyrmguard 1:9
Claw of Morax.png Claw of Morax 1:9
Glyph-Cage.png Glyph-Cage 1:9
XM909 Thunderclash.png XM909 Thunderclash 1:9

Combining Items

Items of the same quality can be placed into the cube and combined, generally creating another similar item with an averaged level of it's ingredients. Combining legendary weapons and armor is a special case where nanoshards can be returned instead of another legendary item.

Creates Requires
Random Rare Modification
  • Rare Modification x3
Random Legendary Modification
  • Rare Modification x6
Random Legendary Modification
  • Legendary Modification x3
see Legendary Recipe
  • Legendary Weapon x3
  • Legendary Armor x3
  • Legendary Weapon x2, Legendary Armor x1
  • Legendary Weapon x1, Legendary Armor x2
Ingredient Unique Item Unique Weapon/Armor x3
Ingredient Mythic Weapon Mythic Weapon x3
Ingredient Set Armor Set Armor x3

Ingredient recipes return a new version of 1 of the 3 items provided as an ingredient. Providing 3 of the same items guarantees the same will be returned.

Legendary Recipe

Recipe Legendary Weapon Legendary Armor Rare Weapon Rare Armor Nanoshards
Weapon (3) 75% - 15% - 10%
Armor (3) - 75% - 15% 10%
Weapon (2), Armor (1) 55% 20% 8% 7% 10%
Armor (2, Weapon (1)) 20% 55% 7% 8% 10%
Nanoshard Amount Chance
5 68%
20 30%
100 2%

Common Recipes

A basic reference table.

Creates Requires
Medium Health Injector Basic Health Injector (2)
Large Health Injector Medium Health Injector (2)
Advanced Health Injector Large Health Injector (2)
Nanodyne Health Injector Advanced Health Injector (2)
Medium Powerpack Basic Powerpack (2)
Large Powerpack Medium Powerpack (2)
Advanced Powerpack Large Powerpack (2)
Nanodyne Powerpack Advanced Powerpack (2)
Personal Relocation Device Analyzer
Basic Powerpack
Advanced Shield Booster Basic Shield Booster (2)
Basic Shield Capacitor Advanced Shield Booster (2)
Advanced Shield Capacitor Basic Shield Capacitor (2)
Shield Emitter Advanced Shield Capacitor (2)
Antitoxin Injector Antivenom Injector (2)
Antidote Injector Antitoxin Injector (2)
Toxic Neutralizer Antidote Injector (2)
Toxic Counteragent Toxic Neutralizer (2)
Advanced Spectral Brace Basic Spectral Brace (2)
Basic Spectral Stabilizer Advanced Spectral Brace (2)
Advanced Spectral Stabilizer Basic Spectral Stabilizer (2)
Spectral Harmonizer Advanced Spectral Stabilizer (2)
Advanced Fire Retardant Basic Fire Retardant (2)
Basic Fire Suppressor Advanced Fire Retardant (2)
Advanced Fire Suppressor Basic Fire Suppressor (2)
Fire Extinguisher Advanced Fire Suppressor (2)
Advanced Shock Guard Basic Shock Guard (2)
Basic Shock Screen Advanced Shock Guard (2)
Advanced Shock Screen Basic Shock Screen (2)
Shock Shield Advanced Shock Screen (2)
Advanced Gyro Brace Basic Gyro Brace (2)
Basic Gyro Shunt Advanced Gyro Brace (2)
Advanced Gyro Shunt Basic Gyro Shunt (2)
Gyro Stabilizer Advanced Gyro Shunt (2)
Basic Restorative Basic Health Injector (2)
Basic Powerpack (2)
Medium Restorative Medium Health Injector (2)
Medium Powerpack (2)
Large Restorative Large Health Injector (2)
Large Powerpack (2)
Advanced Restorative Advanced Health Injector (2)
Advanced Powerpack (2)
Nanodyne Restorative Nanodyne Health Injector (2)
Nanodyne Powerpack (2)
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