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The Revival SP Modification
Releasing the potential of the legacy single player release of Hellgate: London.

Only some weeks after it became mainstream knowledge Flagship Studios had gone bankrupt, I had taken it upon myself to do something. Originally, it was my intention to port Hellgate: London to a new platform and implement multi-player features, however what actually manifested was a modification and editor for the single player version of Hellgate: London.

  • Modification & Installation utitility: Download.
  • Single Player patch 1.2 (Flagship Studios: Download (required).

What does the patch do?
  • New characters start off with 2x dye kits.
  • Increases character level to 55.
  • Increases personal inventory (x2) and stash (x10) space.
  • Each strength points increases melee damage by 3%, increase from 1%.
  • Sprint cool down reduced.
  • Mob density increased.
  • Bosses drop their specific items on a consistent basis as opposed to first-time only.
  • Bosses drop mutant dye kits.
  • Champions drop pets.
  • Unlocks subscriber only uniques.
  • Skill & Attribute retrainers available from the vendor.
  • Consumable stack sizes increased to 100.
The Cube:
  • The cube is now obtainable.
  • New recipes for crafting loot using your scraps.
  • Special recipe to create Fester Festivus.

Maeyan - concept, founder, programming.
Malachor - implementation, programming, troubleshooting.
NiteHawk - original idx modification implementation, programming.
Kite - implementation, programming, exploration.
Alex2069 - ASM God, significant Reanimator contributor.

(c) Developed by the Revival team 2009-2011.